Artist Statement


With the transformation of mathematical models taken from Topology as a foundation for her practice, Laura Towle aims to highlight the stretching, folding and crumpling of forms. Through the guiding parameters of established and understood geometry; Towle experiments with the first of Euclid’s Elements combining the circular form and line with the Mobius strip.


Towle’s material exploration involves layering wood within an acrylic frame to construct sleek and dynamic structures acting as a scaffold in which the mind-dependent entities of topology can flourish. The production of these fluctuating entities is both regimented and fluid; held in a moment, with the potential for reconfiguration. This potential is reflected back within the frames themselves; although constructed into spherical forms, they are sectioned and fixed together only with cable ties and have the capacity to be reused and reformed.


Drawing is fundamental in informing the sculptural process, Towle uses a meditative and schematic approach based on the principles of existing methods used by topologists to channel her and the audiences understanding of the work. The drawing can co-exist in conversation with the three-dimensional forms as well as preparatory studies for them.





Laura Towle




Having completed a Foundation Art and Design Diploma at New College Nottingham, Towle currently attends the School of Art in Birmingham and is in her final year studying a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.


Within her practice Towle uses mathematical models, drawings and concepts as a foundation for her practice. Her collaboration with artist Laurie Ramsell at Birmingham Open Media, saw her apply these mathematical models such as the Weaire Phelan structure to his work Being Human.


Her production of traditional and rigid geometric forms is achieved through laser cutting intricate acrylic sections that are layered and fixed together. This extraction of mind-dependent topological concepts into static but recognisable forms is first realised through a meditative drawing approach based on the principles of existing topological models, which channels her and the audiences understanding of the work.


Towle was recently involved in the curation of Cross the Line, a public exhibition that included recent works of fourteen internationally recognised artists. She is now currently involved in the curation of DigiFest’18 a day long exhibition and symposium at Vivid Projects, Birmingham. Towle will also be exhibiting at Centrala’s Art Loft in September of this year.


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