Shift Happens

Shift Happens


Orange, Blue & Pink Flock, MDF, timber, black handles

200 x 200 x 4cm (Dimensions Variable)

Shift Happens is a large scale flexagon made up of eighteen right angled triangles. the triangles can be folded in different sequences to produce different faces. The flexagon demonstrates the properties of topology such a folding, stretching and crumpling. Inspired by Mauss’ theory of bodily techniques and formal knowledge, Shift Happens is designed to achieve understanding through doing.

Taking influences from children’s games such as Twister and Rubik’s cubes. Colours, names and an incentive/task can create interest and interaction. The works title is influenced by this link to games and toys. By nostalgic games, I realised that their names are usually witty/cheeky, indicating the task ahead. I therefore decided on Shift Happens. The general setting for the work, the complex nature and large size means that it is aimed at an adult audience. There is a humour created by appropriating the phrase ‘shit happens’ making it relatable to this audience in everyday life but nods to the act of shifting sculptural form.

More information on the production of Shift Happens can be found on my blog.

Shift Happens the Process

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